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Mechanical A2B

Open Recruitment

Ganda Ganda, Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Job Type




Site Office Morowali

About the Role

General Driver's License (SIM A/B):

A valid driver's license for operating light vehicles (SIM A) or heavy vehicles (SIM B) if necessary for driving the equipment or company vehicles.
Health Certificate (Surat Keterangan Sehat):

A medical certificate issued by a registered healthcare provider, confirming the mechanic’s physical and mental fitness for the job.
Heavy Equipment Operation Certification (Sertifikat Pelatihan Pengoperasian Alat Berat):

Certification that the mechanic has completed training in the operation and maintenance of heavy equipment. This can be obtained from accredited training institutions.
Occupational Health and Safety Certification (Sertifikat Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja - K3):

Certification indicating that the mechanic has undergone training in occupational health and safety, ensuring they are aware of safety protocols and regulations specific to heavy equipment operations.
Technical Training Certification (Sertifikat Pelatihan Teknis):

Certificates from technical training programs covering various aspects of heavy equipment maintenance and repair, such as hydraulics, diesel engines, electrical systems, and welding.
Work Experience Letter (Surat Keterangan Pengalaman Kerja):

Documentation of the mechanic’s relevant work experience, which may be required by employers or regulatory bodies to verify their qualifications and experience.
Forklift Operation License (if applicable) (Sertifikat Operator Forklift):

If the mechanic will be operating forklifts as part of their duties, a valid forklift operator certification may be required.
Welding Certification (if applicable) (Sertifikat Pengelasan):

Certification that the mechanic is qualified to perform welding tasks, which can be necessary for repairing or fabricating parts of heavy equipment.
Identity Card (KTP):

A valid national identity card, required for all residents in Indonesia.


  • Technical Proficiency:

    • In-depth knowledge of heavy equipment systems and components.

    • Understanding of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems.

  • Diagnostic Skills:

    • Ability to use diagnostic tools and software to identify and troubleshoot issues.

    • Skills in performing visual inspections and conducting diagnostic tests.

  • Preventive Maintenance:

    • Knowledge of preventive maintenance procedures.

    • Ability to perform regular inspections and servicing to prevent equipment breakdowns.

  • Mechanical Aptitude:

    • Strong understanding of mechanical concepts and machinery operations.

    • Ability to disassemble, repair, and reassemble complex machinery components.

  • Technical Reading Skills:

    • Proficiency in reading and interpreting technical manuals, blueprints, and schematics.

  • Tool Proficiency:

    • Experience with hand tools, power tools, and specialized equipment used in heavy machinery maintenance and repair.

    • Skills in safely operating and maintaining workshop tools and equipment.

  • Welding and Fabrication:

    • Basic welding skills for repairing metal components and structures.

    • Ability to fabricate parts when necessary.

  • Safety Practices:

    • Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations specific to heavy equipment maintenance.

    • Commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Computer Skills:

    • Familiarity with computer systems and diagnostic software used in equipment maintenance.

    • Basic understanding of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

  • Communication Skills:

    • Ability to communicate effectively with team members, supervisors, and equipment operators.

    • Skills in documenting repairs, maintenance activities, and parts usage.

  • Time Management:

    • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively to meet maintenance schedules and deadlines.

    • Skills in working efficiently under pressure and handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Physical Fitness:

    • Good physical condition to handle heavy lifting and extended periods of manual labor.

    • Stamina to work in various environments, including outdoor and confined spaces.

  • Problem-Solving Skills:

    • Strong analytical skills to identify and solve complex mechanical problems.

    • Ability to think critically and make quick decisions in emergency situations.

  • Continuous Learning:

    • Willingness to stay updated with new technologies and advancements in heavy equipment.

    • Participation in ongoing training and certification programs.

About the Company

Trinusa is a leading holding company with a strategic focus on the nickel industry. We manage and oversee a diverse portfolio of subsidiary companies engaged in the exploration, extraction, and processing of nickel.

Our mission is to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the nickel sector. We ensure that our subsidiaries adhere to the highest standards of environmental stewardship, safety, and community engagement. By leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, we strive to enhance efficiency and productivity across all our operations.

Trinusa is committed to contributing to the global supply chain of nickel, a critical component in stainless steel production and electric vehicle batteries. We believe in creating lasting value for our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and the communities where we operate.

At Trinusa, we prioritize ethical business practices and sustainable development. Our leadership and governance set new benchmarks in the industry, promoting responsible mining and processing activities that benefit both the economy and the environment.

Join us on our journey to lead the nickel industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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