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PT. Trinusa Wins World Cup Rafting Competition in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 23-24 May, 2024 – PT. Trinusa has emerged victorious in the prestigious World Cup Rafting Competition held in Malaysia. The event, which attracted top rafting teams from around the globe, saw PT. Trinusa demonstrating exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination to clinch the coveted title.

The competition took place from May 24-26 along the challenging rapids of the Kampar River in Ipoh, Negri Perak. Teams from various countries participated, showcasing their prowess in navigating the turbulent waters and overcoming the rigorous obstacles posed by the course.

"We are incredibly proud of our team’s achievement," said the CEO of PT. Trinusa. "Their dedication, hard work, and relentless training have paid off, and this victory is a testament to their skill and spirit. We are honored to bring this title home and to be recognized on an international stage."

PT. Trinusa's rafting team faced fierce competition, but their superior strategy and seamless coordination set them apart. The final race was a nail-biting event, with PT. Trinusa edging out other contenders in the last stretch to secure first place.

The team’s captain expressed immense pride in their accomplishment. "This win means a lot to us. We have trained extensively for this moment, and it’s a dream come true. I am grateful to everyone who supported us, especially our company, PT. Trinusa, for their unwavering encouragement."

The World Cup Rafting Competition is an annual event that highlights the importance of teamwork, strategy, and physical endurance. Winning this competition not only brings prestige but also promotes the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.

PT. Trinusa plans to celebrate this remarkable victory with a series of events to honor their team’s success and to inspire others within the organization. The company is committed to fostering talent and encouraging participation in various sporting activities.

For more information, please contact: PT. Trinusa.

This press release is intended for public distribution. PT. Trinusa celebrates its continued commitment to excellence and teamwork, as demonstrated by their outstanding performance in the World Cup Rafting Competition.

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